ARTIST | Judy Armstrong

I am an Australian multimedia artist living on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne. I created my design for I Stand For to express,'the wonderful colours and connectivity that I wish for the world; Harmony, Love and Happiness’

My origins as an artist began through my work in clay, both on the wheel and through sculpture. 
Over the course of my life, I have drawn on personal experience through travel and encounters with cultures and traditions throughout the world. I create with a deep respect and appreciation for all I have learned, which inspires my work as an artist.  
I use a range of mediums for my artistic expression, including clay, oil and acrylic paint, polymer clay, paper and recycled mediums. I have constantly sought to express my passion to create through an eclectic range of materials.

I have now immersed myself in the wonder and possibilities of creating unique jewellery pieces through Silver Clay and pure white porcelain. I hold regular workshops to share my skills and ideas with others. 

See more of Judy's artwork @judyarmstrongstudio