Artist | Dean Hogg

Dean Hogg about: Becoming Lucent Designs 

“Becoming Lucent Designs expresses the essential nature and the connective consciousness in all things. The Beings portrayed could be found in our deepest oceans, the canopies of our oldest rainforests or they could be unseen beings of light that skip and dance on reflected sunbeams at the periphery of our vision. The Beings are reaching out and sharing an eternal truth - if it’s imagined, it’s real. The art I create, the beings that find themselves on the canvas come from a place beyond culture, beyond sacred lore and beyond any one people's understanding of the world, seen and unseen. Of course I am influenced by these magnificent cultures and races of people that have come before us. Their understanding of our connection to the world and our spiritual selves is being rediscovered by many of us. The art I create is a highly respectful acknowledgement of the depth of perception they have in regards to the greater reality that exists all around us. We are a continuation of the wonderful cultures that have come before us and so is my art".

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