ARTIST | Sara Catena

Raised on traditional handcrafts, imagination and pots of tea in a small country town on the coast of New Zealand, I was blessed with parents who valued resourcefulness and taught me a deep sense of caring for land, community and creativity.
My work is strongly motivated by my father who had been pushed into an academic career against his creative, personal nature. As a child, I was armed with a skill-set of textile, needle and thread by my dressmaker mother, and could always find/make joy in the world of sewing and art-making; particularly when life was challenging…
My art practice continues from my rich New Zealand childhood. I love working beyond the traditional confines of the canvas in ways that delight and surprise: using textile, embroidery and plywood embellishments whenever possible, to add whimsy, and pull the viewer in. Poetry often initiates the imagery which is then occasionally added into the work.
Life has so many forces that can thwart our ability to experience simple joy.  I believe that Art holds the power to add value, enliven and nourish the soul of people and place, in contrast to despair, it can reflect and demonstrate true spirit. My art practice has always been about holding this pure and naïve view whilst living in the real and crazy world.  I have been literally playing and working with paint and textile for over 30 years now and I still find, as I navigate life’s ups and downs, that making Art still holds that rich and deep Joy for me.
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